TV Samsung 55" 2019 RU7022 Smart 4K UHD TV WiFi smart

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Enjoy a UHD 4K resolution image

* Product design and features may vary depending on the model and size of the TV.
3 features of RU7092
1. UHD Processor
Impressive image quality.
2. HDR
HDR displays the details accurately, even in the darkest and brightest scenes.
3. Slim design
Elegant and slim design for your space.
Optimized soundbar for Samsung TVs

Enjoy your favorite content in natural colors that give the details a clear picture.

UHD Processor,
high image quality
Impressive picture quality, made possible by a unique processor that optimizes colors, high contrast and HDR.

* Compared to Samsung TVs without a UHD processor.

4K UHD resolution
Enjoy crystal clear images with 4K UHD TV for 4x more resolution than FHD TVs. Now you can see even the smallest details in each scene.
* FHD refers to Full HD resolution

UHD Dimming
UHD Dimming technology divides and processes the screen into small sections to give you precise and detailed images.
* In relation to the image without the interference of UHD Dimming technology
HDR, for more detail
The High-Dynamic Range increases the brightness of the TV so you can enjoy an almost endless range of colors and details, even in the darkest scenes.

* Compared to Samsung TVs without HDR technology
See the bigger picture
Everything becomes more true on a larger screen. You will experience every scene and you will always be at the center of the action.
Play video
Modern design

* The actual product may differ from the image. See our photo gallery.
Slim Design
The stylish and stylish design of the UHD TV fits perfectly into your room.

* The actual product may differ from the image. See our photo gallery.
Easy access to content and control of devices
The Samsung UHD TV is even smarter with the Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote. They bring you all the content you want, from your set-top box to your gaming console, apps and live TV programs. Everything you need in front of you.

* Smart services and graphical user interface (GUI) can vary by model and region. * Some features and features provided by the connected devices may not be supported or have usage restrictions.
Connect easily
UHD TV can become the focus of a new and comfortable lifestyle. Connect to other mobile or audio devices, even from other manufacturers.

* Device features & features may not be supported or limited. * TV activation may vary by model.
AirPlay 2
Samsung UHD TV is now combined with Apple devices for the first time. With AirPlay 2 built-in, you can stream or share content from Apple devices on the big screen. Enjoy your hassle-free videos, music and photos from your iPhone, iPad and Mac on your Samsung UHD TV.

* The service may not be released in the same period as Samsung UHD TV and availability may vary by region. * Images are simulated and shown for illustrative purposes only. * Operational availability and user interface may vary per region. Check before use. * Apple and Airplay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and in other countries